Table of Contents

Liboil Stable API
Intialization - Initialization functions
Type Conversion - Type conversion
Copying - Functions for copying data
Simple Arithmetic - Aritmetic operations
Simple Arithmetic on Blocks - Aritmetic operations on 8x8 blocks
Direct Cosine Transform - DCT related functions
Pixel Operations - Operations on pixels
Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous functions
Liboil Unstable API
Intialization - Initialization functions
CPU - Check the capabilities of the current CPU
Debug - Printing and formatting debug information
OilFunctionClass - Functions for manipulating function classes
OilFunctionImpl - Functions for manipulating function implementations.
OilParameter - Functions to manipulate prototype parameter information.
OilProfile - Measuring the length of time needed to execute Liboil functions.
OilPrototype - Functions to manipulate prototype information.
Random Number Generation - Random number generation
OilTest - Test and profile function implementations.
liboiltypes - Internal Liboil types
Macros - Macros
liboiljunk -